People-oriented, respect for sciences, accountable, open minded and collaborative, perseverant and confident.


Our culture is not like that of wolves, known for their fierceness and lack of principles, nor that of eagles, known for their arrogance and individual heroism.

Our culture is more like that of camels: lenient, persistent, and goal-oriented.

We stay low-key and don't show off, and yet we keep pushing forward consistently.

We aim to foster a home-like environment, and stay united in the face of challenges.

Our sense and intuition can guide us to opportunities swiftly.

We are not aggressors, but we can stand our ground if needed.

We strive to earn respect, not to instill fear like wolves, or breed jealousy like eagles.

We earn genuine gratitude from others through hard work and honest effort.


Our mission is to deliver better brand commercialization platform and services to the whole society, and to help optimize health industry resource allocation. We are dedicated to driving pharmaceutical innovation and improving the well beings of our employees.



Bodhi Attain Health

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