People-oriented, respectful of sciences, taking responsibilities, tolerant and cooperative, stoic and confident


Our culture is not like wolves, characterized by ferocity and unscrupulousness, nor like eagles, characterized by condescension and individual heroism.

Our culture is more like camels: lenient,persistent,and goal-oriented.

We never show off and flaunt, yet never stop moving forward.

We strive to create a home-like environment,and stand together against the snow storm.

We have a keen sense of smell and can find oases in time.

We do not bully others, but we possess the capability to defend ourselves.

We earn respect, for we do not create fears like wolves, nor make others envious like eagles.

We earn others’ gratitude from the bottom of their hearts through hard work and dedication.


By providing better healthcare products and services for the whole society, the company endeavors to optimize the resource allocation in health industry, consistently promotes the innovation in pharmaceutical technology, improving the quality of life for employees.



Bodhi Attain Health

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