Centered on the development strategy of " commercial breakthrough, ecological innovation", Baheal Pharma Group leverages its commercial platform to help invest and incubate innovative breakthroughs. Focusing on three value accretion tracks of first-in-class medicines, high-end medical devices and basic R&D platforms, Baheal Pharma Group promotes clinical translation, builds an industrial cluster of medical and life sciences, and provides fund, management support, sales and marketing solutions to startups with clinical transformation potential. Baheal Pharma Group is making strides forward to become an ecological big pharma group.
Innovative Drugs
Baheal Pharma Group, as a rising star in the Chinese ethical medicine industry, is dedicated to the research, development and manufacturing of modern traditional Chinese medicine and high-end extended release formulations. In the realm of modernizing traditional Chinese medicine guided by the principles of diagnosable diseases, controllable quality and assessable efficacy, the company has developed proprietary medicine Fuzheng Huayu for reversing liver fibrosis. This is the first domestically manufactured drug in liver disease to have finished Phase II clinical trial approved by the US FDA, and it has emerged as a leading medicine for reversing liver fibrosis. In the domain of high-end extended-release formulations, Baheal Pharma Group focuses on osmotic pump-controlled release technology, and develops high-end formulations to achieve domestic drug substitution. The metformin extended-release osmotic pump formulation has been included in the China’s National Reimbursement Drug List (NRDL),allowing the Chinese population to benefit from controlled-release formulations of metformin. Concurrently, Baheal is nurturing small molecule innovative drugs, particularly in the field of Targeted Protein Degradation (PROTAC), with several compounds advancing to preclinical trials.
RDO Technoloay is dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions in nuclear medicine ,molecular imaging diagnosis and treatment, and research and development of global leading proprietary radiopharmaceuticals. With the distinctive feature of integrating pharmaceuticals and medical devices, the company drives equipment innovation through pharmaceutical innovation, developing high-precision SPECT/CT technologies. Their research pipeline covers a wide range of areas including SPECT diagnostic drugs, PET diagnostic drugs, targeted therapeutic drugs, and imaging equipment.
RabPharma is a pioneering research and development platform company that specializes in addressing hard-to-treat orthopedic conditions. Driven by the unmet medical needs in China and globally, the company is developing novel therapeutics with the potential to be “first-in-class or best-in-class”.
Beijing Enrini Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a biotechnology company that is developing novel monoclonal antibody targeting CD39. It is a platform company that integrates the research and development, services, and industrialization of biopharmaceuticals. It focuses on the research and development of innovative anti-tumor immunotherapy drugs. The core asset EB-01 (JS-19) is a monoclonal antibody targeting CD39, and is intended for the treatment of advanced solid tumors and lymphomas. IND application has been approved domestically, and the Phase 1 clinical trial is expected to start in March 2022.
High-end Medical Devices
Founded in 2008, CH Biomedical is dedicated to independently research, development, manufacturing and promoting the world’s state-of-the-art ventricular assist devices (VADs) to enable a wider range of heart failure patients and their families to live healthy and happy lives, by continuously providing exceptional service to medical professionals and patients. With the technological accumulations in the field of total magnetically levitated VADs, CH Biomedical has developed Vinovi™, the first total magnetically levitated VAD to be approved in China, and it has established comprehensive patent portfolio, and got listed in <2021 China Annual Medical Achievements> reports. In light of the latest breakthroughs in key clinical performance of its product, CHBiomedical is recognized as technology innovator among international VAD community. CHBiomedical is committed to promoting continuous innovation in the VAD industry by forging resource collaborations on a global scale, and it is becoming a next generation leader in the global VAD industry.
Relying on the nationally renowned R&D team, Huake Pioneer is a state-of-art high-end technology company. Focusing on the research and manufacture of full circumferential spherical stereotactic radiotherapy systems, the company provides radiotherapy solutions to cancer treatment.
Medis Medical, specializing in minimally invasive and precise treatment solutions, has broken through the 'bottleneck' of electromagnetic navigation system. By independently developing its algorithm, Medis Medical can continuously upgrade its electromagnetic navigation system, and achieve the fusion of electromagnetic positioning and ultrasound images. It has now developed the first-in-domestic and world leading ultrasound electromagnetic positioning puncture guiding device.
Wehealth Inc. is committed to providing global users with cardiovascular health monitoring, early warning, and health management service system based on mobile internet and intelligent hardware. Wehealth Inc. has independently developed software and hardware, and has obtained multiple Chinese and global patents, With over 15,000 hospital covered in China, it will become a leading enterprise in the field.
Basic Research Platform
Baheal Wisart is an innovative high-tech company towards cutting-edge clinical research and translation. Based on cooperation with the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, Fuwai Hospital Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences, it conducts research on human primary cardiomyocytes and has developed global leading technologies for storing, separating, culturing, and freezing human primary cardiomyocytes. Visit the official website
Baheal Glycomtech focuses on the research of polysaccharides, glyco-proteome, and glyco-transcriptome. It is dedicated to discovering key targets and biomarkers associated with major diseases such as malignant tumors, cardiovascular diseases, autoimmune diseases, and neurodegenerative diseases.
Cailusly develops Multi-Organ-On-a-Chip micro physiological system towards personalized precision medicine. It provides a dynamic, replicable in vitro miniaturized model of human organ system that serves as research platform for the study of disease mechanisms, biological targets, and developing targeted therapeutic drugs.
Through cooperation with national research institutes and independent research, Baheal Bio-Diagnostics develops diagnostic kits for early screening and companion diagnosis of severe diseases by using molecular and immunological technologies.
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