Talent Philosophy
All the rivers flow toward the sea

Baheal Pharma Group has built an open platform for talent growth, a platform for industry elites with common values to flex the muscles, a learning and development platform for young people with ideals and passion, and a stable and happy working platform for ordinary employees.


Meanwhile, Baheal Pharma Group never stops the pace of building a core team with the unified philosophy, complementary capabilities and smooth communication skills. Baheal Pharma Group adopts a robust talent strategy, which is improving the qualities of new employees, fixing work posts, defining personnel quota, fully tapping employees' potential and releasing their energy through the advanced mechanism and training, so that employees can make greater contributions.


Baheal Pharma Group is striving to establish a complete compensation and benefit system, to make every employee obtain higher incomes and benefits proportional to their efforts; establish a talent training and development system, to make every employee get the opportunity of learning and improving; and establish a solid cultural foundation, to make every employee feel the values of “being person-centered, respecting science, assuming responsibility, having tolerance, team spirit, forbearance and self-confidence, so that they can work happily.


Baheal Pharma Group regards talents as valuable assets, not costs. Also, Baheal Pharma Group is committed to building a broad platform that can promote the personal growth of employees in line with the development goals of the enterprise harmoniously.

Talent Development

To fully release the talents’ potentials through HR management, we continuously improve the training system, and have developed a series of specialized training courses, with an aim to making every employee get the opportunity to learn and develop, and improve their management ability, expertise and occupational skills.  


We encourage each employee to continuously improve their working competence through daily learning, intensive teaching, case study, work practice and other forms, hoping they can work happily in the most suitable positions with a positive mindset, develop and surpass themselves.

Staff Presence

2022 -Dragon Boat Festival Parent-Child Activities

2022 -Mother's Day Crafts Activity

2022- Lantern Festival Activities

2021- Visiting History Memorial Hall of CPC

2021-Visiting Navy Museum

2021- Women's Day Education Lecture

2021 - Family Visit to Qingdao International Conference Center

2019- Photographic Contest

2019- Mother's Day Flower Arranging Activity

2019- Chairman Bookshelf Open Day

2019-Tug of War

2018 -Father's Day Parent-Child Hand Painting Baseball Cap Activity

2018- Football Game

2017- Family Baking Activity

2017 -Basketball Game

2016- Basketball Game

2016- Football Game

2015- Football Game

2015- Arbor Day Activities

2015- Family Day Activities

Compensation and Benefits

We are committed to making every employee obtain the incomes proportional to their efforts. We pay employees labor remuneration in full amount on a monthly basis, make annual salary adjustments according to the growth of corporate economic benefits, employee performance, and scientific salary adjustment mechanism, and continuously pay attention to the competitiveness of employees' compensation. We are actively building a compensation and benefit system in line with the actual interests of employees.

1. We purchase five social insurances and one housing fund for employees in strict accordance with national laws and regulations;

2. We provide employees with special benefits such as kick-off bonuses, wedding gifts, childbirth gifts, birthday gifts, holiday benefits, and health checkups;

3. We purchase the critical illness insurance and accidental injury insurance for each employee;

4. Our employees enjoy the statutory holidays, paid annual leave, marriage leave, bereavement leave, paternity leave, sick leave, personal leave, etc. stipulated by national laws and regulations, corporate rules, and sound employee leave system.

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