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Baheal Medical Launches Commercialization Platform of Efficacious Cosmetics
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(May 13, 2021, Shanghai, China) During the China Beauty Expo, Qingdao Baheal Medical INC. (hereinafter referred to as "Baheal Medical") announced the launch of the country's first commercialization platform for efficacious cosmetics. Baheal Medical is committed to empowering efficacious cosmetic brands to enter the market from three dimensions: medical access standards, consumer experience upgrade, and precise marketing solutions.


2021 is the first year for the development of efficacious cosmetics


Baheal Medical has proposed three strategies for the sustainable development of efficacious cosmetics: brand medicalization, marketing specialization, and channel functionalization, aiming to empower offline channel professional operation customers and help brands avoid the problem of high public domain traffic costs. The offline market has become the main battlefield for Baheal Medical to enter the cosmetic industry.


The year 2021 will be the first year of development for efficacy-based cosmetics. With the promulgation of the Cosmetics Efficacy Claims Evaluation Standard, cosmetics will not be able to write whatever efficacy they want, and brands will need to provide corresponding test data to support their claimed effects. The latest regulation is equivalent to a reshuffling of the industry, and products that are truly effective will stand out. At the same time, China has 400 million middle-class people, especially the Z generation, who are not only concerned about brands, but also about efficacy, ingredients, technology, safety and other elements, and these consumers will be the core group to promote the development of efficacious cosmetics."


At the press conference, the world-renowned radiofrequency instrument brand Tripollar, the leading brand of human-like collagen KEFUMEI, and the leading brand of basement membrane repair brand Exellula, which have the core patented technology, had high expectations for the cooperation with Baheal. Chen Liang, the general agent of Tripollar in Greater China, said, "We chose Baheal Medical as our exclusive strategic partner for the offline channel because of its professional team, rich medical resources and accurate marketing plan. Home beauty device is the crystallization of technology and beauty. Consumers will feel the value of the brand better after experiencing it. We will invest together in offline channels to let more consumers experience the beauty brought by technology."


Baheal's efficacious cosmetic commercialization platform has now partnered with over 10,000 professional cosmetic chains. Leveraging Baheal Medical's solid pharmacy layout over the past decade, it is expected to target 500 drug + efficacious cosmetic stores with core pharmacy chains this year.


Professional flow operation will be the key to break the game for efficacious cosmetics


Another major challenge for the development of efficacious cosmetics is the flow. As public domain traffic is rising, the bonus period for the development of e-commerce platforms is gradually disappearing, and the KOL marketing strategy, which brands relied heavily on before, is gradually failing in the past two years. This requires a re-examination of the brand's traffic strategy. There is much to be learned from the international segmentation of professional KOLs, such as professional dermatologists, whose professional endorsement of the brand coupled with solid medical clinical data can help the rapid growth of efficacious cosmetics.


Baheal Medical, together with top dermatology experts such as Academician Liao Wanqing of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor Liu Wei, advisor of the Dermatologist Branch of the Chinese Medical Association, launched the first "Expert Consensus on Skin Micro-Ecology Repair Evaluation Standards" project, which aims to help partner brands prove product efficacy according to strict evidence-based medical standards, and promote it to consumers through doctors in a standardized and professional manner.


Liao Wanqing, an academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, said, "Along with the gradual deepening of consumer awareness of professional skin care, the market potential for efficacious cosmetics is huge, and the introduction of standardized standards is of great significance in order to avoid the chaotic development of the industry."


Professor Liu Wei shared several major development trends in the regulation of the cosmetics industry. These trends reflect the country's concern for the development of the industry, and also side-by-side evidence that the cosmetic industry has officially entered the era of efficacious cosmetic management. At the same time, there is an urgent need to establish a public platform to unite the industry's consensus, set standards together and regulate the industry's development.


Fu Gang, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group Chairman, said, Baheal Medical as a professional brand commercialization platform, years of development has precipitated the core ability of brand operation and industrial resources, in the field of pharmaceuticals not only to create D-cal, Mite, Fu Zheng Hua Yu and other leading brands in the field of segmentation, but also help the brand products of upstream pharmaceutical enterprises continue to broaden channels and release the brand value. In the future, Baheal Medical will deepen the efficacy cosmetic industry with a platform mindset, continuously gather professional resources, cooperate with upstream brands and downstream channels with an open mind, provide professional services to consumers while releasing a broad industry development space, and help the industry iterate and upgrade.


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