Baheal Receives Four Honors at China Future Healthcare Rankings Top 100
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On April 16, the "Future Healthcare 100" list was announced at the 5th Future Healthcare 100 Conference. Baheal Intelligent Technology, Easy Referral and Suzhou CHBiomedical, which are incubated by Baheal Investment, a subsidiary of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, were all honored in the "Future Healthcare Rankings Top 100" list. In addition, Mr. Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, was awarded the "2020-2021 Future Healthcare VB100 - WELAN Award -Best Performing Entrepreneur in Healthcare" for his forward-looking exploration and outstanding innovation in the healthcare industry.


With the theme of "Computing for Life", the conference showcased the innovation ecology of China's healthcare industry and created a convergence of industry ecology. The conference is co-organized by and Eggshell Research Institute, and is the first list of innovative healthcare companies in China that are not listed on the stock exchange. It aims to select Chinese innovative companies that truly represent the future of healthcare, discover the core strengths of China's future healthcare industry, and promote the process of innovation and change in the healthcare industry. Through public selection, judges' scoring and experts' review, the list selects innovative companies, dynamic organizations and core representatives that represent the future of healthcare.


Among Baheal's listed companies, Baheal Intelligent Technology is based on medical data structuring and AI algorithm technology platform, and oriented to the industrialization of innovative products, which can provide the whole chain and multi-scene overall solutions for government, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies, doctors and patients. As a provider of medical informatization upgrade service featuring AI, Baheal Intelligent Technology has been developing oncology medical AI applications in different medical scenarios for more than ten top hospitals in the United Nations, demonstrating strong application capabilities and also helping hospitals to build intelligently in supporting medical informatization upgrade.


Easy Referral is the initiator and leader of the third-party prescription flow platform, with real prescriptions as the core, which can provide convenient and complete prescription services for patients and also help the government to carry out real-time, accurate and traceable prescription data supervision. Easy Referral has landed 2 provincial prescription flow platforms, more than 10 municipal platforms and more than 300 hospital-level platforms such as the People's Hospital of Peking University and the First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University, and is the third-party prescription flow service platform with the most government contracts.


Suzhou CHBiomedical focuses on the research and development of international leading ventricular assist devices (artificial heart). With its technology accumulation in the field of fully magnetically levitated artificial heart, its core product CH-VAD has made a series of key technological breakthroughs. The product has complete independent intellectual property rights, and its clinical trial and other related test results reflect the global technology leadership, demonstrating the strength of independent innovation in the global arena.


At the conference, Mr. Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, was honored with the  "2020-2021 Future Healthcare VB100 - WELAN Award -Best Performing Entrepreneur in Healthcare" . As a famous health industry investor in China, Mr. Fu has grasped the development trend of the pharmaceutical industry and made a forward-looking strategic vision. Under his leadership, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group has developed into a health industry resource innovation and integration platform that includes brand commercialization platform, industry investment and incubation, and health real estate. The award represents the industry recognition of his forward-looking exploration and outstanding innovation in the healthcare industry.


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