Baheal Pharma Group Launches Two Major Hubs in Langfang, Establishing a New Nexus for Healthcare Industry
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On November 26, a landmark partnership was cemented in the healthcare and pharmaceutical landscape, as the signing ceremony for the Baheal Pharmal Brand Commercialization North Logistics Base and the Baheal Pharma Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Base Project took place in the Linkong Economic Zone (Langfang). This pivotal event signifies a major advancement in the collaboration between Baheal Pharma Group and the Linkong Economic Zone (Langfang) to expedite the development of these key projects in Langfang. The initiative promises to elevate the regional life sciences industry and catalyze high-quality growth, injecting dynamic energy into the region's expansion efforts.


Capitalizing on its robust commercial platform and prowess in integrating technological innovation resources, Baheal is poised to harness the strategic locale nestled between Langfang and Beijing. The establishment of the "Baheal Pharma Brand Commercialization North Logistics Base" within the dynamic Langfang Linkong Economic Zone is envisioned to forge a vital nexus for business and commerce, strategically serving the Jing-Jin-Ji metropolitan area along with adjacent provincial markets. In addition, Baheal is advancing its footprint in the premium medical equipment field with the development of the "Baheal Pharma Advanced Manufacturing Industrial Base." This ambitious endeavor will feature extensive production facilities for proprietary, cutting-edge medical devices, complemented by an educational demonstration and training hub specializing in this sophisticated equipment. This initiative is poised to infuse new vigor into the indigenization of high-end medical devices and the cultivation of medical talent.

Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharma Group, states that the strategic location of Langfang offers a significant geographical advantage with a top-tier business environment, making it an exceptionally favorable location for the biopharmaceutical industry's growth. Baheal is committed to leveraging its strengths to expedite the base's completion, production launch, and operational success. This collaboration presents a pivotal opportunity for all parties to pool resources, promoting the rapid implementation of innovative pharmaceuticals and medical devices with Chinese proprietary intellectual property. Such concerted efforts are anticipated to make a positive impact on the high-quality advancement of healthcare services.

The official in charge of the Life and Health Industry Chain of the Langfang Linkong Economic Zone has affirmed that the zone is actively nurturing key sectors such as the bio-pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, propelling forward with an acceleration of innovation-driven development. Baheal Pharma Group, with its robust industrial resources and extensive distribution channels, seeks collaborative efforts based on resource endowments to achieve tangible outcomes. The Langfang Linkong Economic Zone is committed to further enhancing the business environment, strengthening policy support, and ensuring resource availability, all aimed at supporting companies' in-depth development.

As an innovation-driven healthcare industry group, Baheal Pharma Group leverages its commercial platform capabilities and clinical insights to construct a platform for the transformation of scientific research outcomes, investing in original innovation in collaboration with national-level research institutions. The Group focuses on three key value tracks: innovative drugs, high-end medical devices, and fundamental research platforms. Acting as an "industrial investor," Baheal provides capital, R&D management, and clinical medical services, among other resources, nurturing Chinese-authored and independently patented medical brand commercialization platform. This tangible commitment to technological innovation is designed to optimize the medical sector. Within Baheal's innovative ecosystem, significant strides have been made in multiple areas, including a new generation fully magnetic levitation artificial heart, innovative radio-pharmaceuticals, medical linear accelerators, electromagnetic navigation for medical use, as well as pioneering drugs for oncology and bone regeneration. Beyond Langfang, Baheal has established bases for the transformation of scientific research to industrial applications in Beijing and Qingdao, actively forging a conduit for scientific achievements to transition into productive forces.

The Baheal Pharma Group has made a strategic decision to establish two key facilities within the Langfang Linkong Economic Zone, signaling a significant boost for the zone's evolution into a premier global destination for life sciences innovation and industry transformation. This development is expected to draw an influx of top-tier resources to the Linkong, thereby optimizing investment appeal and enriching business engagement tactics. Committed to excellence, the Linkong Economic Zone fosters an advanced business climate, provides essential support for the fruition of corporate scientific advancements, and pledges full support to companies to ensure the swift and successful implementation of their projects.

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