Baheal Pharma Group Honored at Mentougou Role Model Awards for Flood Response
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The local government of Mentougou recently organized a prestigious recognition event, the "Mentougou Role Model - Flood Control Pioneer" awards ceremony, to honor those who showed exceptional bravery and commitment during critical flood control and emergency rescue efforts. At this high-profile gathering, the district government officially praised and designated numerous heroes from the community who made significant impacts. Notably, Baheal Pharma Group stood out among several dedicated groups and individuals, earning the distinguished "Mentougou Role Model - Flood Control Pioneer" title as an advanced collective. Deputy Secretary-General of the Beijing Municipal Government, Han Geng, Vice Minister of the Municipal Publicity Department and Director of the Capital Civilization Office, Teng Shengping, Secretary of the District Committee, Yu Huafeng, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the District People's Congress, Zhang Weigang, Deputy Secretary of the District Committee and Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee, Wang Jianhua, along with other municipal and district leaders, attended the conference.


In the aftermath of what has been termed the most destructive flood to strike Mentougou District, Baheal Pharma Group, a leader in the regional pharmaceutical and healthcare industry, quickly mobilized to mitigate the disaster's impact. The recent natural catastrophe has been recorded as the most destructive, with the widest impact and the heaviest economic toll in the history of Mentougou District. As a leading enterprise in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sector of Mentougou District, Baheal Pharma Group took swift flood control actions, dedicating itself to the flood relief efforts following the onset of the disaster. In response to the emergency, the Group made a significant donation of 1 million RMB to support urgent rescue operations and post-disaster reconstruction efforts in Mentougou District. The staff of the company and its subsidiaries also extended a helping hand, donating a total of 783 pieces of clothing across 14 boxes, ensuring that the supplies were rapidly distributed to the affected populations. To meet the daily dietary needs of the relief workers, the Group's canteen prepared over 280 nutritious and healthy meals throughout the disaster relief period, providing sustenance to those tirelessly working on the front lines. Throughout this challenging time, the entire staff of Baheal Pharma Group stood heart to heart with the disaster-stricken community, upholding a strong sense of corporate social responsibility. They supported the relief efforts coordinated by the Mentougou government and all sectors of society, delivering care and assistance through tangible actions, and helping the people in the disaster area to overcome their difficulties as quickly as possible.


Baheal Pharma Group Donates Funds to Mentougou District


Baheal Pharma Group Prepares Meals for Frontline Workers in Disaster-Stricken Areas

Baheal Pharma Group, widely acclaimed for its steadfast dedication to corporate social responsibility, balances its business growth with a profound commitment to philanthropic efforts. As a pharmaceutical and healthcare leader, the group has made CSR a cornerstone of its corporate ethos. For an extended period, the group has actively engaged in numerous social initiatives, continually reinforcing the principle of reciprocating the support it receives from the community. This dedication has seen Baheal Pharma Group direct substantial resources and efforts to benefit not just local, but also national charitable activities. The company's philanthropic contributions exceed 10 million RMB annually, an effort that has garnered widespread appreciation across various sectors of society. Its charitable work has earned Baheal multiple prestigious awards, including the "Annual Corporate Social Responsibility Contribution Award" and a spot in the "Top 500 Charitable Enterprises in China's Service Industry."

Looking ahead, Baheal remains steadfast in its corporate mission to enhance medical solutions through technological innovation. While continuing to develop clinically valuable products, the group is determined to honor its commitment to society. By taking concrete actions, Baheal upholds the duties of a corporate citizen, continuing its unwavering support for philanthropic endeavors.The group's resolve to intertwine innovation with community engagement underscores its role as a forward-thinking leader intent on delivering both health advancements and social betterment.

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