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Baheal Pharmaceutical Group Partnered With Shandong First Medical University to Promote Medical Personnel Training and Scientific Research Innovation
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On March 23, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group and Shandong First Medical University signed a school-enterprise strategic cooperation agreement in Jinan, Shandong Province. Baheal Pharmaceutical Group and Shandong First Medical University will work in the fields of talent training, scientific research, social services etc., to build a "production-academia-research-application" whole industry chain, and contribute to the development of medical talent training and medical research innovation strength and wisdom of school-enterprise cooperation.


Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, and Mr. Han Jinxiang, Executive Vice Secretary of Shandong First Medical University, witnessed the signing and delivered speeches. Yao Qingqiang, Vice President of Shandong First Medical University, Zhu Xiaowei, Director of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group and Vice President of Baheal Pharmaceutical Company, and Jia Hong, Vice Chairman of Shandong Baheal Pharmaceutical Technology Co. attended the ceremony.


At present, the health industry has entered a period of accelerated transition. With the continuous promotion of the "Health China 2030" plan and the growing health needs of the people, the health industry is facing a huge talent gap and a large number of scientific research results need to be marketed while developing rapidly. In this context, exploring the integration of industry-university-research under the university-enterprise cooperation will provide strong support for the innovative development of medical and health industry.


According to the agreement, Baheal Pharmaceutical Group will set up a special scholarship and research fund project with a total amount of 10 million RMB to support the cultivation of medical talents and independent innovation of scientific research in Shandong First Medical University. Shandong First Medical University will give full play to its advantages in teaching, training, faculty and scientific research platform, and Baheal Pharmaceutical Group will give full play to its advantages in pharmaceutical market information and market-oriented application. The university and the enterprise will share resources and complement each other's advantages, and cooperate deeply in medical personnel training, academic exchange, research cooperation and scientific research innovation.


The cooperation with Shandong First Medical University is not only an exploration of university-enterprise cooperation, but also a responsibility and commitment to medical talent training and independent innovation in scientific research. Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, said in his speech: "For the medical and health care field, the talent team is the main body of hospital, teaching and scientific research. It is the responsibility and mission of every practitioner to speed up the training of medical talents and promote independent innovation. We expect this university-enterprise cooperation to deliver more fresh blood for China's health and add to China's medical research innovation."


Shandong First Medical University is a key university and the largest medical science research institution in Shandong Province. For the diversified cooperation with Baheal Pharmaceutical Group, Han Jinxiang, Executive Deputy Secretary of Shandong First Medical University, is full of expectation: "Baheal is an important force to promote the development of health industry in our province, showing the market vitality and development momentum as a leading health enterprise. We hope we can carry out all-round and deep-level cooperation in the fields of talent training, scientific research and social services in accordance with the principles of resource sharing, complementary advantages and mutual benefit, and realize the integrated development of industry-academia-research-use."


As a health industry enterprise in Shandong and based in Qingdao, Baheal has been concerned about the development of the pharmaceutical and health industry and the construction of talents since its establishment. As early as 2013, Baheal has supported Shanghai Charity Foundation's WeLove Fund, with a total donation of 5 million RMB, to support medical students from poor families with good character to successfully complete their studies; Baheal has also cooperates with the China Medical Association and the World Association of Chinese Doctors to launch the "Rural Doctor Training Project" and "Chinese Medical Wisdom Thousand Talents Program". In addition, Baheal also supported the establishment of the Capital Medical University Education Fund.


As the Group continues to develop, it has always adhered to the belief of "Bodhi Attain Health". We will always adhere to the people-oriented, promote independent innovation in scientific research, support the development of medical and health care, and contribute to the development of a healthy China.

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