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Baheal work with the World Associations of Chinese Doctors to fight the epidemic
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Though separated by a mountain, we’ll share the same clouds and rain.


The bright moon belongs not to a single town.


Although the domestic epidemic has gradually eased, the global spread of the COVID-19 still affects the hearts of every Chinese. In order to better help control the epidemic overseas, Baheal Pharm and the World Associations of Chinese Doctors (WACD)donated masks and other anti-epidemic materials to Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, Italy, Australia and other countries to fight the epidemic.


In the early days of the epidemic, the international community provided various forms of assistance to China in its prevention and control of the epidemic through various channels, which was a timely help from the international community to China.


When the epidemic spread rapidly around the world, WACD, jointly sponsored by Chinese medical organizations in 13 countries/regions, was duty-bound to provide assistance to overseas compatriots.As a responsible private enterprise in the medical and health field, Baheal works with WACD to prepare epidemic prevention materials, so as to help the world build a solid defense against the epidemic.


Baheal has always respected medical workers. In protective clothing, they are doctors, soldiers, and heroes. Without the equipment, they are parents, children, and friends around us.


In the prevention and control of the new epidemic in China, Baheal has cooperated with the Shanghai Charity Foundation WeaLove Angel Fund, the Chinese Medical Doctors Association to provide care and assistance to medical institutions, front-line medical workers and their families, and has donated more than 10 million yuan worth of products and epidemic prevention materials.


Spring is here and the flowers are in bloom. Baheal Pharm will continue to uphold the concepts of compassion and wisdom, work together with other countries to win the battle against epidemic prevention and control.





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