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Baheal Pharma Group Signs a Strategic Cooperative Agreement with Mentougou District in Beijing
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On April 18, 2022, Baheal Pharma Group signed a strategic cooperative agreement with the People’s Government of Mentougou District in Beijing. The two parties agreed to establish a comprehensive strategic partnership in the fields of medicine and health, acquire core advantages, and continue to deepen cooperation with the Baheal Medical Scientific Research Achievements Transformation Base.

This was drawn as the starting point to jointly promote the transformation and application of successful scientific research projects, with the goal of establishing a medical and health demonstration area to drive world-class research and innovation.


Create an Innovative Ecosystem to Boost a New Development Stage in the Health Industry

Located within the half-hour economic radius of Beijing, Mentougou District has obvious advantages. In recent years, Mentougou District has focused on cultivating the medical and health industries based on key functional areas, such as the industrial transformation and upgrade demonstration area in western Beijing and the new comprehensive, high-tech, industrial service area of the Shougang Group.

Jin Hui, Secretary of the Mentougou District Party Committee, said at the signing ceremony that this marked a new starting point for the district’s cooperation with Baheal Medical; it has now entered the fast lane.

As one of Beijing’s ecological conservation areas and a significant participant in the implementation of the industrial transformation plan in western Beijing, Mentougou District is actively deploying its resources around three major industrial fields: intelligent technology innovation, medicine and health, and the cultural tourism experience.

Baheal Medical is a leader with rich medical and health industry resources. The company is highly synergistic with the development direction of Mentougou District. Both entities focus on the medical and health industry, and Baheal Medical plays the leading role in extensive cooperation with Mentougou.

Starting from the Baheal Medical Scientific Research Achievements Transformation Base, both parties have accelerated their industrial expertise and promoted the development of the medical and health industry in Mentougou District. These achievements will certainly help foster a new driving force for the transformation and development of western Beijing. Our vision is for both parties to collaborate and strive to promote new, high-quality development.

Fu Gang, Chairman of the Baheal Pharma Group, expressed his gratitude to the Mentougou District Government for its strong support. He stated that the implementation of this commercial platform will empower Baheal Medical to gain greater insights into the needs of clinical applications.

Currently, Baheal Medical is transforming from a third-party health brand commercial platform to an ecological Big Pharma company. Guided by the optimization of medical scenarios and based on the resource integration and incubation capabilities of technological innovation, Baheal Medical will continue to develop medical and health products and technologies with independent intellectual property rights.

Mentougou District is a new shinning example for industrial transformation and development in western Beijing, and the two parties will jointly promote the continuous development of domestic innovative medical technology after the contract signing.

In front the ceremony’s distinguished guests, Yu Huafeng, Mentougou District Mayor and Song Qing, President of Baheal Pharma Group, signed a strategic cooperative agreement on behalf of the two parties. Jin Hui, Secretary of the District Party Committee, and Fu Gang, Chairman of Baheal Pharma Group, unveiled the Baheal Medical Research Achievements Transformation Base. According to the agreement, Baheal Medical will act on its advantages in industrial resources and support the incubation of scientific research achievements, introduction of innovative enterprises, and establishment of industrial resources.

Mentougou District will create and guarantee conditions for innovative enterprises to land industrial projects, introduce talent, and apply for scientific and technological projects. Beijing Baheal Zhihe Medical Achievements Transformation Service Co., Ltd.(referred to as Baheal Zhihe) will be the transformation platform of the base. Baheal Zhihe will focus on innovation incubation and will cooperate with the Mentougou District Government to promote the transformation and application of scientific research results, thereby creating a new demonstration area for world-class medical and health research and innovation.

Focus on the Three Major Value Tracks and Transform into an Ecological Big Pharma

The National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases, located in the core area of Mentougou, is one of the first national medical centers recognized by the National Health Commission. It represents the highest level of innovative research in the field of cardiovascular disease in China. Anchoring the strong scientific research capabilities of the National Team, Baheal Wisart, as the first applied project of Baheal Zhihe, is actively undertaking the outstanding application prospects and innovative research results of the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases.

As an innovative high-tech company oriented by cutting-edge biomedical research and transformation of technological achievements, Baheal Zhixin has cooperated closely with the National Center for Cardiovascular Diseases and Fuwai Hospital of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. Its world-leading technology in reserve, isolation, culture, and cryopreservation of human primary cardiomyocytes has created an advantage barrier. This barrier is difficult to be imitated by similar projects on the market. Baheal Wisart is committed to creating a new cardiovascular research model, promoting the transformation and application of scientific research achievements such as cardiotoxicity and the safety evaluation of drugs, early warning and diagnostic reagents for heart diseases, and innovative drugs, and providing high-quality services for more biomedical researchers to benefit patients with heart disease.

Baheal Wisart is the first step for Baheal Medical to develop from a health brand commercialization platform to an ecological Big Pharma company. Based on the commercialization platform and guided by the optimization of medical scenarios, Baheal Medical relies on three ecological innovations: professional evaluation capability, innovation incubation capability, and value realization capability. It focuses on the three major value tracks of innovative drugs, high-end medical devices, and technology transformation platforms. Through cooperation with national scientific research institutes, Baheal Medical is committed to cultivating pharmaceutical technology products and solutions with independent intellectual property rights in China. Baheal Medical is also focused on the construction of industrial clusters through various forms of inter-enterprise cooperation and an ecological Big Pharma that exerts both individual expertise and an overall synergistic effect. In the future, achievement transformations between Baheal Medical, the National Team, and top scientific research institutes will continue to emerge.

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